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Each different push pop bubble fidget toy comes in various shapes, including circle, octagon, heart, and hand-shaped. The silicone counters also have a unique printing pattern which includes rainbow, tie-dyed, camo, and many more. Panda Crafty uses strategic sourcing to make available any custom print and count to fulfill all types of order requests. If something is needed you do not see online or on order forms, just let us know and we will be more than accommodating.

Basic Push Pop Bubble Fidget 

Our basic collections include simple designs like round, square, triangle, heart and other geometrical figures, in stock with colorful options pop it fidget toy

Hexagon Pop it fidget toy
Hexagon Pop it fidget toy
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Square Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Square Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Round Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Round Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Unique Shapes Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

Unique shapes which may resemble an animal, bird, plant or flower. 

Bear Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Bear Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Half Round Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Half Round Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Apple Rainbow pop it fidget toy
Apple Rainbow pop it fidget toy
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Ladybug Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Ladybug Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Dinosaur Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Dinosaur Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Octopus Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Octopus Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Penguin Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Penguin Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Turtle Push Pop Bubble Fidget
Turtle Push Pop Bubble Fidget
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Special Printing Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy

Panda Crafty allows you to customize the entire pop it fidget toy with special printing options. You can use a camouflage color scheme, or print any other pattern on the bubble pop toy so as to match it with your inclinations.

Camouflage Printed Push pop sensory toy
Camouflage Printed Push pop sensory toy
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Tie dye Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy
Tie dye Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy
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Learning and Play Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

You can make them in a shape of a letter or number, or print all the alphabets in, so as to allow kids to have a learning experience while playing.

Learning Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy
Learning Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy
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Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy is ready to ship

Collecting all the models in stock in China,

Panda Crafty make private label,

custom packaging and running faster to catch the trending 

Worldwide shipping 

Push pop Bubble Fidget purple
Push pop Bubble Fidget

Push Pop Bubble Fidget is also for Math Training of STEM Supplies

If you would like to running this products longer not only as a niche trending products, it is also a great and fun STEM Supplies for Math

The Fast Track To Success

Help you to Follow the Trending 

Panda Crafty is a leader in the craft source field. Trends are monitored heavily, and close attention is paid to the factories producing all of the hottest designs. Our agents are always looking for new factories to source from and expand our network of options and resources in the educational products field. Quality is also a top priority at Panda Crafty. Inspections are comprehensive to ensure all of the products we make available are more than satisfactory. We only deal with factories that adhere to a strict quality control policy. We monitor what comes off the assembly lines; we monitor how it comes off the assembly lines. Quality has to also be met with a certain level of speech and efficiency. Factories are held to the highest standard when it comes to having all products done on time and ready for fast shipping to us so we can get them to you.

Adhering To Educational Standards

Our quality control goes far beyond how items we have for product sourcing look physically. To make a successful STEM product, it has to be efficient in helping a child learn. We focus on the production quality and invest time and proper research into exactly how each product will help children in the classroom. Our hope is for each STEM product we provide to deliver an educational and entertaining experience for every student that gets to enjoy them. The learning process becomes much more efficient if the learning process is entertaining and also stimulating.

Why NOT Alibaba or Other Suppliers

Panda Crafty Is Supplying for STEM Education

educational products. We provide ready-to-ship packages for all different subjects. Having this convenience is very important in today's ever-changing field of learning and remote classroom settings. Having a supplier with multiple prepared options at their disposal is a great advantage, saving valuable time and other resources. Having each different subject for your sourcing solutions also presents a certain level of convenience. Included in the inventory of Panda Crafty is the popular push pop bubble fidget toy.

Get Strong Supports

Panda Crafty is capable of being your one-stop-shop for all of your classroom products and needs.

Make sure you contact us for all of your DIY Projects, STEM Research Products, Craft Kits, and other classroom material needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Panda Crafty Push Pop Toy FAQ

1.What are push pop fidget toys?

Push pop fidget toys are sensory and STEM toys for kids and teens. They were originated by Pop It and Simple Dimple. They are made of a mix of plastic and silicone and have similar feel to the satisfying pop of bubble wrap. They are usually square or circular pieces of material with multiple poppable bumps. They allow children to fidget with them while working on their motor skills.

2.How do I use a push pop fidget toy?

Each dimpled bubble can be pressed like bubble wrap. Once pressed in it will appear inversely on the other side of the push pop bubble fidget sensory toy. You can complete a full side before flipping it over and do it part ways through, then press the bubbles again and continue for as long as you wish. The push pop fidget toy can also be used as a game, where you follow another person around the bubbles and the last person to ‘pop’ a bubble loses or you can see who can ‘pop’ the bubbles the fastest. They can also be used for young children to help with their motor and counting skills.

3.Why are push pop fidget toys so popular?

The newest wave of push pop bubble fidget sensory toys has come from TikTok. A craze began on the social media platform and has been enjoyed over 1 billion times for the satisfying videos they make. The content surrounding them can be found under #PopIt where people of all ages make use of their push pop fidget toy in many different ways. The most popular brands currently are Pop It and Simple Dimple.

4.How do sensory toys help?

Sensory push pop fidget toys can help children with tactical development. This is as well as having a soothing effect should a child be feeling overwhelmed – This is through the simple nature of the task at hand which is just to press buttons. The push pop bubble fidget sensory toy we offer help to stimulate children’s sense of touch.

5.Is a push pop toy a STEM toy?

Yes, push pop bubble fidget sensory toys can be used to assist children in counting. It offers them a very tactile and satisfying way to count without feeling as though they are learning.

6. What are STEM toys?

STEM toys aim to help kids actively learn certain subjects by making them more interactive and more accessible. The four subjects that STEM focuses on are science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These fields are usually seen as incredibly difficult and only for the highly educated. The mission of STEM and STEM toys is to get kids involved and break down the barriers to entry.

7.Are push pop toys reusable?

Yes, once the bubbles have been ‘popped’ on one side of the push pop fidget toy it can be flipped over and used once again. This is the benefit of having it over using bubble wrap, it can never run out and is much more durable as a stress relieving toy. Not only are they reusable, but they are also easily washable. This means that they are a reliable toy to give to younger children.

8.Where can I find more information about your push pop fidget toys?

You can find a lot of information on our website about our push pop fidget toys. If you need any further information or require clarification our team are always glad to help. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

9. I teach/mind kids, can push pop fidget toys be used to keep them entertained?

Our push pop fidget toys are proven to keep children of all ages engaged while at play. It develops their problem-solving skills while keeping them actively playing and feeling creative while doing so. This toy is stress-free and incredibly simple for any child to pick up and play with. 

10.Are push pop fidget toys for one person?

They can be for one person or can be used as a two-player game. We have many examples of how to play with the push pop bubble fidget sensory toy, including rules for games that can possibly played with it. This ranges from turn based ‘four in a row’ to more time orientated speed tests, seeing who can be the quickest to pop the bubbles.

11.Are there different shapes and colors available?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of both shapes and colors. In terms of shapes, we have circles, octagons, hearts, hand-shapes and more. In terms of colors, we offer block coloring as well as various different patterns, these include camo, rainbow, tie-dye and many others. If there is a shape or a color, you’d like to make a push pop fidget toy into we’re always happy to accommodate. Get in touch with us and we’ll get out sourcing team on your request.

12.Can I make custom push pop fidget toys?

Yes, we at Panda Crafty pride ourselves on offering as many customization options for our push pop fidget toys to our clients as possible. We work to make sure that we fulfill all the requests and queries we can. Get in contact with our team and we’ll work with you to make sure your vision comes to life.

13. What options do I have when customizing my push pop fidget toy?

You can pick the color, the shape and different markings like letters and numbers. For instance, if you want numbers or letters in each bubble, we can print that for you to help young children learn in a more interactive way. The trends for push pop fidget toys are always changing so with that we are always trying to expand our level of customization.

14.I want to order multiple different types of push pop fidget toy, is this possible?

Of course, we’re happy to accommodate all types of orders. We understand that variety is key for most businesses and schools in terms of push pop fidget toys. The staff at Panda Crafty are more than willing to work alongside you when making your order to make sure that you and your business get all the right products that your customers need.

15.The push pop fidget toy I want is out of stock, when will it be back?

We are not able to answer that for certain without the item’s details, but we are always looking to keep our customers favorites in stock. If you’re curious about a particular push pop fidget toy, message us and we’ll track it down. If we don’t have it in stock we’ll make it a priority to get it back in stock or source it elsewhere for you.

16.How long will custom orders take?

From our own experience from 7-20 days for our push pop fidget toys. This time may vary depending on what aspect of the order is being customized and our partners availability. What we can ensure is that you will be updated consistently by our team and given an order outlook before placing your custom order. Share your custom order ideas with our team and they’ll be able to give you a quote and give you insight into estimated shipping times.

17. Can I order push pop fidget toys in bulk?

Yes, we take both small and large orders. We do everything we can to facilitate the orders that come our way. Whether you’re looking to supply your store, a classroom or a play room Panda Crafty wants to offer you the highest quality push pop fidget toys available.

18. Can I buy other supplies along with my push pop fidget toys?

Of course! We offer a variety of high quality art and crafts supplies as well as STEM supply kits. With larger orders we can usually offer better shipping rates so if you’re in the market to buy push pop fidget toy stock or keep kids in a classroom entertained while learning, have a look through out stock list!

19. Can I change the packaging my toy comes in?

If you have specific branding or requests for the style of the toys packaging, we can change that for you. We can make sure your customers know they’re buying push pop fidget toys from your brand rather than being generic. If you’re looking to compete with the likes of Pop It and Simple Dimple, we’re here to support you in that.

20.How quickly will my items ship?

If the push pop fidget toy you’d like to purchase is already in stock we will ship them immediately. For custom orders and items that are out of stock there will be a longer lead time to create and replenish the items. Get in touch with us so that we can give you the most accurate time to expect for your orders arrival.  

21.Can I expect to get updates about my order?

Yes, our team will keep you updated throughout the process from you push pop fidget toy order to shipment and beyond. If at any stage you have any concerns or are wondering your order’s status send us a message and we’ll get an answer to you as soon as we can.

22. Do you ship push pop fidget toys internationally?

Yes. We ship to the US, the UK, Europe, and Asia. All of these regions have both standard and express shipping available. Due to Covid-19, shipping times may vary from country to country. If you’re concerned that we may not be able to ship push pop fidget toys to your country get in contact and we’ll be happy to confirm that with you.

23. Why not pick other wholesalers when buying push pop fidget toys?

At Panda Crafty we pride ourselves on not only providing the product via our manufacturers, but we also deal manage all aspects of custom orders as well as the shipping. We make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the products they want shipped directly to them. We offer the closest comparative product to the like of Pop It and Simple Dimple in the vein of push pop fidget toys.

24. I saw a push pop toy on social media but I don’t see it on your website, what should I do?

We have incredibly high volumes of stock and sometimes are website is not updated with the latest push pop fidget toys we’ve brought in. If you’re feeling like we’re missing something on our website please reach out and send us a message. We’re more than happy to check our stock and if they’re not in stock we’ll do everything we can to source what you’re looking for.

25. Are push pop fidget toys suitable for the classroom/nursery?

Yes, our push pop bubble fidget sensory toys are suitable for children ages 3 and up. They encourage children to work on their motor skills and also fall under the STEM category of toys. Children can be taught to count using the easy to press bubbles, this can be especially true if you order one of our push pop fidget toys with numbers printed onto the bubbles.

26. Can you tell me which push pop fidget toys are trending?

We understand that businesses want to get ahead of the curve and understand what their customers are looking for. Currently we’ve seen a rise in all our products that resemble the Pop It and Simple Dimple push pop fidget toys. Our team are happy to share with your what products are flying out of our warehouses. If you have queries of what the best buy for your particular brand would be our staff are there to share their expertise and help you keep up with everchanging trends.

27.Are your push pop fidget toys affected by the pandemic?

We’ve done everything we can to make sure our customers get the products they need in a timely manner. If we foresee any delays with your order, we will endeavor to let you know ahead of time. As of now we’re delighted to stay that are stock has no issues being manufactured, processed and shipped.

28.What happens if I have an issue with my order?

We hope that none of our customers have any issues with any of the push pop fidget toys they buy from us. Panda Crafty do understand that sometimes the product doesn’t suit or doesn’t work and needs to be returned. If this becomes the case for you, get in touch with our team and we’ll sort of how best to solve the problem.

29.Why should I pick Panda Crafty over brands like Alibaba?

Panda Crafty wants to be your long-term partner in terms of push pop fidget toys and beyond. We want to offer you our high quality good, along with assurance that we will handle everything once the order is completed. Once you’ve picked out what you want, we get it manufactured, quality check in, ship it and handle all of the importing and customs houses.

30.How can I contact you?

You are welcome to message us about push pop fidget toys or any other supplies via our website, email or our WhatsApp number. A member of our staff will reply as soon as possible and begin helping you with your query.


Case Studies

PROMPT: An arts and crafts store owner is looking for trendy wholesale supplies.

RESPONSE: Everywhere they turn on social media it seems that everyone is ranting and raving about these dimpled sheets. They look satisfying to play with and with so much interest in them it becomes impossible to ignore. They investigate buying them wholesale and note that many suppliers only have supplies but shipping is very costly or not included in the services the wholesaler offers. The shop owner finds Panda Crafty in their search for push pop fidget toy suppliers and they create a custom offer, manage the shipping, assure proper quality control and ship it straight to the store. In under a month the owner has a new stand dedicated to the most highly sought-after toys akin to Pop Its and Simple Dimples. They continue to happily sell the product until the trends change and move onto something new which Panda Crafty also stocks. They develop a long and prosperous business relationship.

PROMPT: A teacher wants to liven up their classroom by adding popular school supplies.

RESPONSE: A teacher is struggling to keep their class engaged with the regular syllabus on offer and wants to try out some different techniques. They’ve seen Pop Its and Simple Dimples everywhere and want to incorporate push pop bubble fidget sensory toys into their kids daily learning equipment. They begin researching and find that many sellers expect them to make a large order as if they were buying stock for a shop. They really only need 30 push pop fidget toys as a tester. In looking into suppliers, they find Panda Crafty who have no minimum order and they like the amount of custom options there are. They order their push pop fidget toys with numbers and shapes printed on them so that the kids can practise counting and shape recognition while at play. Panda Crafty makes sure that the order is correct and that the custom features have been added during the quality checks. They ship them directly to the school, handing all customs and imports updates along the way. With the push pop bubble fidget sensory toys in hand the teacher helps the children to learn in a more hands on way. Some of the children who are more visual and tactile learners benefit greatly from the addition to their classroom.

PROMPT: A parent wants school STEM supplies to help with homeschooling their child.

RESPONSE: To keep kids interested when homeschooling a parent wants to look at new ways to educate their young children. They’ve seen Pop Its and Simple Dimples all over social media and want to add them to a yearly order of supplies they’ll need for homeschooling. They get in touch with Panda Crafty and ask how best to go about their order. A staff member walks them through what would be helpful and how to get the best price on shipping. They order a range of supplies, including the push pop bubble fidget sensory toys and then arrive on time and to the standard they expected from what was shown on the website. The parent goes ahead with the homeschooling and the kids are fascinated by their new push pop fidget toys and excel in their maths sections because of it. Instead of fidgeting being looked at as a negative, it becomes a tool that gets the children to passively become more familiar with numbers and counting.

PROMPT: A group therapist is looking for interactive stress relievers that may help their patients.

RESPONSE: Push pop fidget toys such a Pop Its and Simple Dimples have proven incredibly popular with communities looking to relax and distract themselves. This can be used to help alleviate anxiety symptoms by allowing the patients to fidget in a harmless and calm way. The group therapist wants reassuring phrases printed on the little bubbles as a way of helping to reassure the patients during a meditation period. As they press down on the bubbles, they are spelling out phrases that can ease their mind. Panda Crafty can offer the bulk they need along with the customisable options. They ship within the month, just in time for a new round of sessions. The patients get to be interactive during sessions and are comforted by the distraction.

PROMPT: A staff member in a day care wants to buy new toys for the children that will be easy to clean.

RESPONSE: In a day care with ages ranging from 1 to 5 it’s natural that the shared toys will become dirty overtime. A staff member is looking for toys that are washable and reusable in hopes of offering a better selection for the kids to play with, and an easier selection for the staff to clean when the time comes. They’ve seen Pop Its and Simple Dimples around but don’t wish to invest in particular brand names. The staff member makes an order from Panda Crafty and have the push pop fidget toys delivered straight to the day care. As they didn’t have any special requirements and the push pop bubble fidget sensory toys were in stock, they were sent straight away and then arrived in under a week. When it came time to play, the kids enjoyed the new toys but created a mess in no time at all. The staff were able to clean the push pop fidget toys with water and child friendly soap and they were back playing in no time.


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