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Wholesale soap making supplies

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With our lead soap molds factories, you will have the custom soap mold by us

One Point of Contact

With Panda Crafty, you are able to purchase all of your wholesale soap making supplies with only one point of business contact. Our liaisons communicate with a number of different wholesale suppliers in order to obtain for you the soap making materials that you need at the cost that you require. However, you will only need to speak with one person in order to arrange this. We are willing to communicate with many different sources in order to make it easier for you to purchase your soap making wholesale supplies. This is called product sourcing and it is a practice that we enjoy doing on your behalf.


You should not have to go at it alone when it comes to purchasing your wholesale soap making supplies. We are 100% here for you in sourcing quality products at a good price. We will use our industry knowledge in order to get you the best deal on the soap supplies that you need. We practice strategic sourcing in order to ensure you receive the quality products you deserve.

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In time with your target price and quantity solution

We deliver your soap making supplies at the rate that you require and in the quantity that you request by sourcing from soap making equipment suppliers. Should you need your soap making supply to be at a discounted rate, you are able to negotiate with us so that we may then negotiate with the supplier in order to obtain the proper rate for your needs.

Additionally we are able to offer soap making supplies in bulk.


You may simply tell us the quantity that you require and then we will speak with our supplier in order to ensure that we get you that quantity of your soap making supplies, guaranteed. We can get you the best DIY soap molds at the best price. We can get you everything from bulk soap molds to all other sorts of soap making stuff.


We use strategic sourcing to help you gain access to the suppliers you need. We then track your suppliers in the supply chain planning systems. We are the best at getting you the supplies you need for bulk soap making.


It should be noted that negotiating with wholesale suppliers is an art and requires professional skills. Not just anyone can begin communicating with a wholesale supplier and negotiate a good deal on their soap supplies. Doing this requires know-how of the product sourcing industry and knowledge of proper terminology to use one purchasing wholesale supplies.


You can rely on us to act as the middleman in your wholesale soap making supply purchase to achieve sourcing solutions, so that you do not have to learn the lingo and ins and outs of the wholesale business in order to acquire bulk goods at good prices.

Soap Making Kits

we offer that is very popular is our complete soap making kit. This makes it easy for someone who is a beginner soap maker to make fancy new soaps. This soap making set includes all of the supplies that you need to make one batch of soap, including soap making accessories, molds, liquids and soap material.

Homemade Natural Soap
Soap and Herbs

Package Sets

You can purchase your soap making supplies in package sets from Panda Crafty, too. We can put together individual kits for your soap making needs and you may purchase these kits in bulk. This way, each time you are ready to do a soap making project, you can simply open up one of your kits and embark upon your favorite creative endeavor.


Our goal first and foremost is to make your soap making experience enjoyable and enable you to engage in your favorite hobby. We do this by maintains a good working relationship with the craft source. 



To be an essential partner in DIY Toys, Craft projects clients' success by experience crafty kits sourcing, handmade products manufacturing solutions, Follow up production carefully, profitably and to maximum consumer satisfaction. 

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